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Foreign participants / Иностранным участникам

Foreign students living both in foreign countries and in the Russian Federation can participate in the «Higher League» Olympiad.

About the Olympiad

Everyone can prove themselves at our Olympiad, it is enough to register in the participant's personal account! Information about directions and tracks is available on the link.

The Olympiad winners from among foreign citizens get a chance to enter the HSE for budget places without exams for master's programs corresponding to the directions and tracks of the Olympiad. If you are planning to enroll in the HSE, you should:

  • Register and become a participant of the «Higher League» Olympiad.
  • Create a personal account of a foreign graduate applicant.
  • Become the «Higher League» Olympiad winner.

We will be glad to see you among the participants and winners of the «Higher League» Olympiad!

Our Olympiad offers an opportunity to test your knowledge and assess your compatibility with HSE Master's Degree Programs. If you are primarily concerned with admission to the master's program, we recommend referring to the following:

Applying for HSE Graduate Programmes

Участвовать в олимпиаде «Высшая лига» могут иностранные студенты, проживающие как в зарубежных странах, так и в РФ.

Об олимпиаде

Проявить себя на нашей олимпиаде может каждый, достаточно пройти регистрацию в личном кабинете участника! Информация о направлениях и треках размещена по ссылке

Победители и призёры олимпиады из числа иностранных граждан получают шанс на поступление в НИУ ВШЭ на бюджетные места без вступительных экзаменов на магистерские программы, соответствующие направлениям и трекам олимпиады. Если вы планируете поступление в НИУ ВШЭ, вам следует:  

 Будем рады видеть вас среди участников, победителей и призёров олимпиады «Высшая лига»!

Наша Олимпиада позволяет проверить свои знания и пройти тест на совместимость с программами магистратуры НИУ ВШЭ. Если вас интересуют исключительно вопросы поступления в магистратуру, рекомендуем заглянуть сюда:

Поступления в магистратуру НИУ ВШЭ 

The official language of the Olympiad is Russian. All documents and communication with participants are conducted in Russian. For additional information about the organization and conduct of the Olympiad, please contact us via email at olymp@hse.ru

«Higher League» Olympiad: step by step

  • 1. Getting a Login and Password

    To register for the Olympiad, please visit the following link (you can register from December to January each year):


    Note: This is the personal account for Olympiad participants. Do not confuse it with the personal account of an international applicant, which requires a different username and password for registration.

    We recommend filling out the registration form using the desktop version of the website. You can obtain your username and password by clicking on the second link in the right-hand column: 


    • If you're logging in from your phone, click on the square in the upper left corner: 


    Please fill in all the fields in the opened form. Here is the translation of these fields:

    • Surname (required): Write in Cyrillic!
    • Name (required): Write in Cyrillic!
    • Patronymic (required): Write in Cyrillic or or strike through!
    • Date of Birth (required)
    • Gender (required)
    • Email (required)
    • Email confirmation (required)
    • Phone number (required)
    • Additional Phone Number (optional)
    • Second Additional Number (optional)
    • The first mandatory checkbox: By checking this box, you consent to the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the personal data processing policy. More information is available on this page: https://olymp.hse.ru/ma/agreement.
    • The second mandatory checkbox: By checking this box, you confirm that you are familiar with the documents related to the organization and conduct of the Olympiad.
    • The third mandatory checkbox: By ticking this box, you confirm the accuracy of the provided information.

  • 2. Logging into Your Personal Account

    Your registration details (login and password) to access your personal account will be sent to the email address you provided the next day by asav@hse.ru. If you don't receive the email, please check your Spam folder.

    This is the letter template: 

    Здравствуйте, {имя}! *Dear {name}!*

    Вы зарегистрированы на web-ресурсе олимпиады студентов и выпускников ВУЗов.
    *You are registered on the Olympiad for students and graduates of universities web-resource.*

    Ваши учетные данные: *Your registration details:*
    Логин *Login*: LKNSURNAME
    Пароль *Password*: PaSSW0Rd
    Для участия в олимпиаде необходимо пройти регистрацию на одно из направлений
    олимпиады. Пройдите регистрацию на ресурсе http://myolymp.hse.ru/stud.html, используя полученные логин и пароль.

    *You must register for one of the subjects to participate in the Olympiad.
    Register on the resource http://myolymp.hse.ru/stud.html, using the
    received username and password.*



    Enter the received username and password in the special fields at the link http://myolymp.hse.ru/stud.html

  • 3. Filling in Personal Data

    In your personal account, complete the information about your identity document and the education you've received. Select the subject in which you intend to participate.

    List of Olympiad Subjects (there may be changes):


    Business Informatics

    Oriental Studies

    Public Administration

    Civil Law: Regulation of Digital Technologies and Intellectual Property


    International Studies: German Studies

    Innovation Studies


    History of Art

    Computer Systems and Networks

    Cultural Studies

    Linguistics: Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

    Linguistics: Theory of Language


    Media Communications

    International Law

    International Relations


    World Economy


    Political Science

    Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

    Applied Mathematics


    Public Law and Public Finance

    Social Studies

    Judicial Power and Procedural Law

    Game theory

    Health Care Administration and Economics

    Urban Development and Spatial Planning




    Finance and Investments


    Electronics and Nanoelectronics

    Business Lawyer

  • 4. Qualifying Stage

    The Olympiad consists of two stages: the first (qualifying) and the second (final). During the qualifying stage, which takes place at the end of January, you will complete a test assignment that is automatically evaluated by a testing system. You are allowed to use a translator during the qualifying stage.

    Upon registration, you will gain access to demonstration versions of the qualifying stage tasks in the testing system.

    You can participate in a trial test in December-January before the registration deadlines close.

    Take a Trial Test

    Use the same username and password you received during registration to log in. 

    After logging in, please allow a few seconds for synchronization. Then, you will see a list of competitions. To start the test, click on the competition in which you wish to participate.

    You can take the trial test an unlimited number of times.

    This opportunity not only allows you to prepare for the competition content-wise but also to become familiar with the Olympiad's administration system. By doing so, you can save time during the actual competition, as you won't need to address technical details, feel more self-assured, and concentrate solely on the Olympiad tasks at the critical moment.

  • 5. Final Stage

    The final stage of the Olympiad will be conducted in March, in an online format with proctoring. It's important to note that the use of a translator during the final stage may be considered a violation in certain subjects. A detailed guideline for participation in the final stage will be published at the end of February.

    In some subjects, assignments for the Olympiad are entirely in English. We recommend reviewing recommended methods and tasks from previous years to gain a comprehensive understanding of the final stage.

    Recommended Methods

    Tasks from Previous Years

  • 6. Results of the Olympiad

    The results of the Olympiad will be officially announced in mid-May, and they will be accessible on the Olympiad Results page.

    Olympiad Results