How to Prepare

To be well-prepared you may use preparation materials here (for graduating classes) or at the Olympiad's website in Russian. Please note that preparation materials are available only in Russian language.

SubjectOlympiad exampleMaterials to prepare


Animation&Illustration 1

Animation&Illustration 2

Animation&Illustration 3

Animation&Illustration 4

Design in communications 1

Design in communications 2

Environmental design

Asian Studies


Asian Studies 12

Asian Studies 11-12

HistoryHistory 12History 12
Social Sciences
(Humanity. Society and State)
Social Sciences 12Social Sciences 9-12
Webinar materials
Modern PoliticsModern Politics 10-12Modern Politics 10-12
invitation to participate
Webinar materials 
MathematicsMathematics 12 Mathematics 9-12
Legal StudiesLegal Studies 12 Legal Studies 10-12
PsychologyPsychology 12Psychology 12
Cultural StudiesCultural Studies 10-12Cultural Studies 10-12
PhilosophyPhilosophy 9-12Philosophy 9-12
The online course "Fundamentals of Philosophy: what philosophers are arguing about today"
PhilologyPhilology 12

Philology: assessment criteria

Philology 9-12

Media CommunicationsMedia Communications 11-12Media Communications 11-12
JournalismJournalism 11-12Journalism 11-12
Advertising and Public RelationsAdvertising and Public Relations 11-12