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In the 2019/2020 academic year, the HSE Global Scholarship Competition will cover the following subjects: Foreign Languages (English), International Relations, Asian Studies, Design, Journalism, History, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Media Communications, Law, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations, Modern Politics, Social Sciences, Physics, Philology, and Philosophy. You don't have to pay any fees to take part in the Competition. The Competition includes one round only. You may either attend the Competition venue in person or participate in a long-distance mode.


Start of online registration for the HSE Global Scholarship Competition

(until October 14)
Webinars will be held to prepare participants for the HSE Global Scholarship Competition

Close of online registration

(until October 31)
Competitions will be held in respective countries (offline) and online

Results will be published on the website along with a list of diploma winners

(until December 20)
Invitation of diploma winners to be admitted to HSE University in 2020 to study under Bachelor’s programmes at all campuses and HSE International Preparatory Programmes

Awarding of Winners and Prize Winners of First, Second and Third Tier diplomas (e-versions)

You are invited to take part in the Competition

Hosted in one of the countries outside of Russia: if you are a foreign (non-Russian) citizen or a stateless person or a Russian national living abroad + you are enrolled in a 10-11th grade in high school (11-12th grade if you are pursuing a 12-year programme) or you are a graduate of a non-Russian high school or university + you are under 30 years of age

In Russia: if you are a foreign (non-Russian) citizen residing in Russia + you are under 30 years of age (If you are a Russian citizen residing in Russia, you are invited to take part in the Vysshaya Proba competition).

5 steps to take part in the Competition

1. View the ‘How to Apply’ section for undergraduate programmes and select your programme

If you wish to pursue a Russian-taught undergraduate programme at HSE and you do not speak Russian, you should first take a one-year preparatory course at HSE (HSE International Preparatory Programmes).

2. Complete the required online registration

3. Identify relevant subjects (fields of study), depending on your choice of degree programme

4. Take part in the Competition in respective subjects (fields of study) in one of the countries outside Russia and in Russia  (personal attendance) or in a long-distance mode according to the Schedule

5. Get your Competition results and learn more about your opportunities for admission to HSE undergraduate programmes

Rules of Participation


Washington, D.C. (USA) is included in the list of sites for the first time
July 04
Starting from May 20 foreign citizens planning to apply to the Bachelor’s/Specialist programmes at HSE University can sign up for the HSE Global Scholarship Competition-2020.
May 22
The results of the Competition are published
December 12, 2018


E-mail: interolymp@hse.ru

Phone: +7 495 531 00 59