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Rules of Participation

The Competition shall be held from October 24 to October 31, 2019 in two formats: on-site (requiring personal attendance) and online:

- in English and in Russian – in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Foreign Language (English), History, International Relations, Modern Politics, Social Sciences, Psychology, Law, Philosophy, Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Communications and Journalism;
- in Russian only - in the following subjects: Philology, Design, Advertising and Public Relations.

If you wish to pursue a Russian-taught programme at HSE University and you do not speak Russian, you should first take a one-year preparatory course at HSE University (HSE International Preparatory Programmes).

If You wish to take part in the Competition, please do the following:

1. Familiarize yourself with information regarding the Competition: eligibility requirements (‘Participants’ section), subjects covered (‘Subjects’ section), and the “5 Steps to Participate” section.
2. Register online on the Competition website. Online registration will be open from May 20 to October 14, 2019 (the registration is extended until October 17 only for full-time competitions), and you must register to participate in the Competition.

Those who have successfully completed registration will receive a registration number, which shall also be posted on the Competition's official website on October 15-16, 2019. The number assigned to you during online registration will be used to secure your participation in all events (be reminded that you may participate in more than one subject but no more than 5). So, please keep the number until the final results are announced. 

Attention! You will NOT be able to register on-site on the day of the Competition event. Make sure that you register online in advance!

3. Prepare for the Competition using our learning materials for each subject, including the demo versions; the list of topics and their descriptions, as well as recommended literature; links to webinars held by the methodological committees on the structure of assignments, as well as assessment criteria.
4. Come to the venue in your nearest city on the day of the Competition event, according to the schedule, which will be published on our website no later than one week before the Competition’s starting date, or alternatively, take part in the Competition online, as per the terms, conditions, rules and guidelines (these materials shall be published no later than three weeks prior to the start of the Competition).

Rules for Taking Part in On-site Competition Events (Requiring Personal Attendance)

1. On-site Competition events will be held in: Mathematics, Physics, History, Asian Studies, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Modern Politics, Psychology, Law, and Philology (in Russian only).
2. The Competition events in ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Social Sciences’ will be held in both on-site and online formats. Please select only one format when registering for the Competition events in these subjects.
3. All participants must bring the following: their passport or another ID (with a photograph); a pen with black or blue ink (all assignments should be completed with a pen); drinking water and chocolate (if you wish); a printed Title page (with your registration number).

Cover Page Template for HSE Global Scholarship Competition-2020 (PDF, 272 Kb) 

Attention! If you plan to take part in more than one subject areas (but no more than 5), please make sure you bring one copy of a cover page for each event you wish to participate in.

4. We strongly recommend that you arrive at the Competition venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start.
5. If you are late for the Competition, you may still take part, but you will not get any extension to complete your assignments.
6. You will receive a special form to complete your assignment at the venue.
7. During Competition events (information on the on-site Competition events in Physics and Mathematics are provided below), you cannot have any electronic devices on your desk (including pocket PCs, communicators, telephones, players and any other technical means), as well as any auxiliary materials (including your own paper for notes), reference books, directories and other items, which participants must not use during the Competition event. You may not communicate and exchange any items with other participants or leave your seat without the permission of the organizing committee. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use these materials and devices either in the classroom or in any other room at the Competition venue until the time when you are expected to complete your assignments.

On-site Competition event in Physics. You can use the following items during the competition: a pen, pencil, and a basic calculator (a separate device, not an app on your mobile phone or smartphone). Books, reference materials, mobile phones and smartphones are not allowed!

On-site Competition event in Mathematics. You can use the following items during the Competition event: a pen, pencil, and ruler. You cannot use calculators or any reference materials.

8. You may not leave the classroom during on-site Competition events.
9. You may leave the classroom at the end of the on-site Competition event after you hand in your completed cover (registration) page and the completed assignment form, as well as your draft notes (they will not be reviewed and shall be destroyed), to the organizing committee.
10. If there is any violation of the Rules, or if a participant refuses to observe the Rules, he/she shall be disqualified and not be able to appeal against this decision. A disqualification shall be drawn up in a special statement, signed by at least two members of the organizing committee and personally acknowledged by the participant. If the disqualified participant refuses to sign the statement, the phrase “Refused to sign” shall be written down on it. All results obtained by the participant in a given subject area shall be declared null.

Rules for Taking Part in Online Competition Events

1. Online Competition events shall be held in the following subject areas: Mathematics, Foreign Language (English), Social Sciences, International Relations, Cultural Studies, Journalism, Media Communications, Design (only in Russian), Advertising and Public Relations (only in Russian).
2. The Competition events in Mathematics and Social Sciences shall be held both in an on-site and online format. Please select one format only when registering for the Competition in these subjects.
3. Rules and conditions of the online Competition events shall be published on the Competition's official website.
4. Participation in the online Competition events in Mathematics, Social Sciences, International Relations, and Foreign Language shall be regulated by the conditions and rules published on the Competition's official website no later than 3 (three) weeks before the Competition starting date.
5. Participation in the online Competition events in Cultural Studies, Journalism, Media Communications, Design (in Russian only), Advertising and Public Relations (in Russian only) shall be regulated by relevant Guidelines published on the Competition's official website no later than 3 (three) weeks before the Competition starting date.
6. The Competition events in Design (in Russian only) and Advertising and Public Relations (in Russian only) shall be held online as per the following schedule:
- registered participants must submit their papers to HSE University from October 24 to October 31, 2019, as per the Guidelines published on the Competition website;
- from November 1 to November 15, 2019, participants who have been selected for Round 2 shall be invited to take part in an interview.
7. During online Competition events, participants may not use electronic devices, corollary materials, reference books, directories and other items, which are not allowed during Competition events, as well as communicate with other people.

We wish you every success at the Competition event!