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24 hours
for completing the first stage
2 stages
essay and interview

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1. The competition in Mediacommunication consists of two stages (total maximum score - 100 points):

1.1. Writing task (first stage).
You will have 24 hours. The competition starts at 10am (Moscow time) on October 27, 2021.   
Completed essays must be submitted by 10:15am (Moscow time – please check the time difference between your region and Moscow!) on October 28, 2021.

- The participant can perform the task in English.

- The maximum score for a written assignment is 70 points.

If the participant of the competition received less than 50 points, he is considered to have dropped out of the competition. For the interview (second stage) authors of works are invited who have scored 50 or more points.

1.2. Speaking part -- the interview (second stage).

- The interview is conducted in English.

- Maximum score is 30 points.

2. Online competition of the first stage (writing task) held on October 27, 2021 from 10am to 10am October 28, 2021 (Moscow time), 24 hours.

3. The written part (first stage) consists of an essay on one of the proposed topics.

4. Written part should be done on a computer in Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing 1.5, MS Word format (.doc or .docx). Distance from the left edge - 2.5 cm; from the right, top and bottom - 1.5 cm.

5. Important! The competition task, including the Instructions for its implementation, will be posted on the Competition website (Mediacommunication page) in MS Word format 15 minutes before the start of the online competition.

6. The participant should download the file with the task and the Instructions (in MS Word format) posted on the Competition website and perform work on the computer directly in this file, having carefully read the task and the Instructions for its implementation.

7. The participant must begin to answer the task in the ”Essay on the subject” section.

8. The participant must save the MS Word file with the finished work (its latest version) on the computer; make sure that the file is saved in the correct version (p.4 of this Instruction);
name the file: your registration number_Media _2022 (example: 1448_Media _2022). (The competitor should prepare his registration number in advance so as not to look for it during the competition.)

9. In the subject of the letter, the participant must indicate:
1) their registration number;
2) Surname, Name (example: 1448_Kapustyan Anna).
[Before submitting the works to the Jury, the Competition Committee verifies the registration number and full name of the participant; further information about the participant is removed from the work, and the Jury checks the unnamed works.]

10. The finished work should be sent by e-mail in the form of an attached file in a letter to the address: on October 28, 2021 no later than 10:15am Moscow time (the end of the competition is 10am Moscow time).

Attention! The works received after 10:15am Moscow time will not be checked by the Jury.

11. The work is considered accepted for verification if, in response to the participant's letter with the work, the participant received a response letter: "Your work is accepted."

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